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Mobile-based WiFi troubleshooting and self-service platform for world-class customer experiences.

WiFi support, simplified

RouteThis automates the entire WiFi troubleshooting process and empowers agents and customers with the tools to resolve WiFi connectivity issues quickly and efficiently. The result? Improved customer experience, reduced costs, and increased revenue.

Automated troubleshooting

RouteThis turns your customer's mobile device into a powerful probe that scans their home networks to automatically identify WiFi connectivity problems — reducing time spent troubleshooting on support calls.


Proven resolution paths

Once it finds the problem, RouteThis automatically generates easy-to-follow resolution paths to help any agent resolve network issues with confidence — standardizing the support process and eliminating unnecessary escalations, returns, and technician visits.


Customer self-service

RouteThis Self-Help gives customers the education and tools to resolve many of their home network and WiFi-connectivity issues without contacting your support team — improving customer experience and decreasing call volume.


Ready to transform your WiFi support process?

With RouteThis, everyone benefits

RouteThis enables ISPs and smart home brands to offer the world-class customer experience they depend on for new customer acquisition, customer retention, and increased revenue.

Agents can resolve with confidence


Decreased handle time


Increased FCR


Fewer returns and tech visits

Customers see quick resolutions


Streamlined communication


Less time spent on the phone


Ability to self-resolve

Business see increased revenue


Improved efficiency


Lower cost to serve


More customer referrals

The RouteThis advantage

We promise fast, simple deployment

Our solution is completely cloud-based, so it’s hardware- and CPE-agnostic. That means we can help you reach 100% subscriber coverage in as little as six weeks, with absolutely no dependence on hardware or firmware. Additionally, we guarantee functionality with any equipment a customer may have in their home.

So you can support your entire subscriber base—and ensure agents have reliable, consistent insights into any home network issues.


You'll see immediate results

We’re not just saying that: Our solution is proven to help ISPs and smart home brands improve their customer support experience and reduce support costs. With RouteThis, you’ll see higher first-contact resolution (FCR) rates, shorter handling times, fewer unnecessary technician visits, and fewer product returns.


Our partners

We've helped 100s of ISP and SH support teams simplify the WiFi support process. Here's what they have to say.

Testimonial image Sebastian Ivinsky at Wireless Network Manager @ VTX1

"We are thrilled to add RouteThis to our resource toolbox. Now, we no longer need mile long lists of step by step instructions that most users would likely refuse to follow. RouteThis will give our support personnel the ability to run through all the required troubleshooting tests - and diagnose customer’s Wi-Fi issues - in record time."

Sebastian Ivinsky

Wireless Network Manager @ VTX1

Testimonial image Krista Wojciechowski-Yakemonis at Customer Experience Manager @ Rachio

"RouteThis has been an invaluable addition to our support team. We've lowered our AHT and RMA requests drastically since we've started using the platform. This is highly recommended for ANY tech company with users that need to onboard devices to WiFi."

Krista Wojciechowski-Yakemonis

Customer Experience Manager @ Rachio

Testimonial image Michael Knipp  at Head of NOC @ Spiral Communications

"RouteThis allows us to gain much more insight into the customer's internal network allowing us to visit a site with much more information going into a service call. In many cases, a problem can be identified remotely saving the need for a truck roll."

Michael Knipp

Head of NOC @ Spiral Communications


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