About RouteThis

RouteThis is a team of technology industry veterans based in the heart of Canada’s renowned Kitchener-Waterloo technology hub, just outside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Our evolution

First, we revolutionized in-home network diagnostics by developing an app that turns mobile devices into powerful network probes. The deeper insights provided by our solution dramatically cut the back-and-forth technical Q&A period that can take up most of a support call.

Next, we made customer care agents even more effective by adding tailored workflows to walk them through the optimal resolution paths as determined by advanced symptom analysis.

Then, we added the ability for qualified support agents to make changes to the CPE remotely, further preventing unnecessary truck rolls. We also introduced tools to simplify and expedite app download and scan execution, and we made the diagnostic results show up on the agent’s dashboard even faster, lowering call times even further.

What's next?

We're not shy about our intention to add powerful self-help capabilities as we strive to change the way customer support is delivered by ISPs and smart home brands.


Our Story

The beginning

Founded in 2012, our original incarnation was as a direct-to-consumer video streaming service that quickly grew to over 4,000,000 customers.We soon faced challenges with the growing time and monetary costs of running an internal support team for an ever-expanding user base, as our users frequently needed assistance with WiFi and other connectivity-related issues – usually caused by their own network configuration and layout.

Realizing we're not alone

To our dismay, no existing tools provided sufficient visibility to let us effectively diagnose and troubleshoot issues within the increasingly complex home network environment. We realized that customer care teams within Internet Service Providers and smart home brands were facing the same support expectations as us, and were running into the same ‘black box’ problem behind the customer’s CPE/gateway.

Going beyond just data delivery

So we took the technology we built to support our own customers, we rebranded as RouteThis, and we launched a platform to help customers in a connected world. Out of necessity and love for a challenge, our team set out to create a platform that would give us unparalleled insight into home networks – with none of the cost and time that accompanied custom hardware deployments or firmware updates.

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RouteThis revolutionizes the customer support experience for both agents and customers.



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