Story of Mysa: Reducing product returns and replacements with RouteThis

Written by Siva Kumar



Reduced product returns
by up to 50%


Near elimination of product replacements
from connectivity issues


Increased positive reviews
on Amazon


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About the company

Mysa was founded in 2014 with the mission to help the world become more sustainable through energy efficiency and conservation using smart thermostats. Their thermostats allow users to fully control their home heating remotely. In just over 2 years since their product launch, Mysa has made it to the homes of thousands of customers worldwide.

Fast Facts


Smart Home


St. John's, NL, Canada


Smart Thermostat


More than 3,000

Number of agents


Solutions used

RouteThis Core Diagnostics

Favourite Features

Notifications center (Alerts), WiFi connectivity strength, Multi-Cast connectivity


Problem Overview

As a growing smart home brand, Mysa was finding it difficult to keep up with providing support for an increasing number of customers with WiFi connectivity issues. They were seeing higher product returns and product replacements due to connection issues resulting from the customer’s home network. Since support agents did not have a technical understanding of WiFi networks, they were regularly escalating these issues to the engineering team. Mysa wanted a streamlined solution that would not only allow agents to resolve network issues faster without relying on the engineering team, but that would also reduce product returns and improve the overall customer experience.

“Customers are happy and agents are even happier. Every smart home company should use RouteThis for resolving connectivity issues”
- Zachary Green, COO, Mysa


  • Long and ineffective back-and-forth customers to resolve WiFi issues
  • Higher product returns and replacements since over 25% of the customer issues were network-related (and growing)
  • Negative reviews on Amazon
  • Regular escalations to engineers by agents who were unable to resolve technical WiFi network issues
  • Higher number of touch points through email support and longer handle times, sometimes up to 24 hours


We worked with the Mysa team to set up the RouteThis platform a few days prior to their Black Friday sale. Customer support agents were on-boarded and trained on the RouteThis Dashboard and the key diagnostics by the RouteThis Customer Success team. The objective was to reduce product returns from WiFi-related tickets and improve agents’ ability to pinpoint and solve connectivity issues faster while improving the customer experience.

“Agents found the platform very easy to use. We onboarded RouteThis during Black Friday sale and agents were able to handle connectivity service requests despite the huge spike”

- Zachary Green, COO, Mysa


Mysa has seen measurable and real outcomes just within a month of onboarding RouteThis.

Measurable Outcomes

  • Up to 50% reduction in product returns and elimination of product replacements attributed to WiFi issues
  • Reduction in the time it takes to pinpoint the cause of WiFi issues, from 2 hours to just 5 mins
  • More favourable reviews on Amazon

Support Process Improvements

  • No technical back-and-forth between the customer and agent to gather network info
  • Fewer escalations from support agents to the engineering team and improved agent confidence in resolving network issues and communicating these issues and resolutions to customers
  • An unexpected benefit of the platform was that the engineering team was able to use RouteThis for better customer network insights to test and improve their products

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