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The RouteThis Dashboard is built for customer support agents with actionable insights for faster and effective customer care.

What's holding back agent performance?

A number of related issues affect the performance of customer care agents


Agent Experience

Different levels of agent expertise creates enormous variability in support delivery


High Ticket Volume

Swamped agents may rush through resolutions, leading to repeat calls.


Training Time

Long ramp-up period to get agents up to speed.


Lack of Knowledge

Best practices are sometimes unknown


RouteThis Dashboard Overview

The RouteThis Dashboard has two different views: Diagnostics and Workflows. Working together, these tools arm your support agents with actionable insights to rapidly and effectively solve customer problems.


Top-level alerts save time by highlighting vital observations and important conclusions


Guided workflows follow troubleshooting and resolution paths optimized for each specific incident


Actionable insights move the resolution process forward by informing next steps


Clear design improves agent speed and accuracy by making information and insights accessible

How Does It Work?

Once customer finishes the mobile scan, RouteThis App sends diagnostic results to the RouteThis symptom collection and optimal resolution engine (SCORE), which analyzes the information and provides your customer and support agent with guided self-help workflows.


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Diagnostic View

Presents your customer care agents with vital insights into the customer’s home network. These features are designed to be easily understood and resolved by agent of any level - Tier 1 or otherwise.

Basic Information


Alerts and Notifications


Speed Test


Server Connectivity Test


Connection Quality


Connected Devices


Bandwidth Consumption


Router Information


Parental/Firewall Detection

Advanced Information


WiFi Details


Router Screenshots


Local and Remote Ping Tests


Network Congestion Analysis




Bandwidth Consumption


Multicast/Client Isolation Test


Network Topology Test

Popular in Diagnostic View

  • Connection Quality

  • Router Info

  • Device Discovery

Connection Quality

Easily determine if the problem is one that requires a technician visit, such as a likely cabling issue or faulty hardware, by visually showing the quality of your customer’s Internet connection between devices and the router.

Connection Quality

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Workflows View

Presents the best possible outcomes of related issues based on probabilistic analysis of symptoms and likely solutions.

Workflows guides your customer care agents through standard troubleshooting and resolution paths.

SCORE analyzes the diagnostics provided by the home network scan against historical root cause information across the RouteThis customer base to suggest the optimal resolution path.

Additionally, troubleshooting processes and scripts can be updated easily, so your tactics can stay up-to-date, even as your customers’ needs gradually or suddenly change.

Troubleshooting made easier. For every agent.

  • Visual Aids

  • Diagnostic Insights

  • Step-by-Step Fixes

Visual Aids

Graphical aids guide your agent through the standardized, optimized resolution path.

Visual Aids

The RouteThis Dashboard is used by thousands of agents every day.

“Had great results twice today which pinpointed where bandwidth problems were causing intermittent connections. On both occasions, without ROUTETHIS, a qube engineer would probably have been assigned who would have changed the router. Best of all customers seem to be very impressed with it too”

- Tony, Tier I Customer Care Agent

“I’ve had great success with RouteThis. I have managed to use it to increase the throughput speed on multiple connections. On one of the occasions we have increased the speed from 17MbPS up to over 60MbPS. A different time we were able to locate the issue on Xbox 1 and speeds increased to other devices... Our customers are really happy with this and how quick and easy it is to install.”

- Ryan, Customer Support Agent


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