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Unstable WiFi is bad for business

Customer home networks are quickly becoming the primary driver for ISP tech support calls because customers don’t understand the distinction between your network, WiFi and their end devices. These calls are among the most costly and damaging for ISPs because:


Limited home network insight

Agents lack visibility into the LAN, making it difficult to prove to the customer where the true issue lies, especially for those without managed WiFi.


Lack of customer education

Even if a customer has managed WiFi, calls are long and complex, requiring agents to educate non-tech-savvy customers on the difference between your service, WiFi, and their devices


Human error

Depending on the customer and the troubleshooting tools available, agents can miss important details, leading to incorrect resolutions and low first contact resolution.

Elevating your WiFi support experience

Our mobile-based solutions replace frustrating support calls and unnecessary technician visits with an automated process that improves customer experience, reduces costs, and increases revenue.

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Your competitive advantage

Simplify agents’ workflow and transform your customer support experience by streamlining your entire program into one innovative platform. The impact on your business is endless.


Up to 50% fewer truck rolls


Up to 60% reduction in handle times


Over 45% call deflection


Unmatched customer experience


Improved agent experience


Increased support efficiency

The RouteThis advantage

Many managed WiFi and mesh pod solutions promise the same benefits. What makes RouteThis different?

Supports any home network setup

RouteThis is a CPE-agnostic solution that provides diagnostics on any home network, even if customers are on BYOD plans or place unmanaged devices after your equipment.

RouteThis enable home network support for your entire subscriber base regardless of CPE
Offer home network support with RouteThis home network scans

Ready in weeks, not years

Our mobile-based solutions require no hardware deployments or firmware upgrades, and can be up and running in under six weeks.


Automates the entire WiFi support journey

RouteThis automatically identifies issues on the home network, generates step-by-step resolution paths, and gives agents the tools to solve home network issues remotely—all in a single platform.

Offer whole home network support with visual support
RouteThis Self-Help - self-service home network support

Facilitates customer self-service

RouteThis empowers customers with the education and tools to troubleshoot everything from interference and congestion to device-specific issues, without calling into support.


Deeper than diagnostics

Even with 100% home network visibility, finding the error is only the first step. RouteThis uses in-home WiFi coverage mapping, proven troubleshooting workflows, and powerful visuals to close visibility gaps for your agents and provide real-time customer education—simplifying the support process and ensuring effective resolutions for happy customers.

Home network support helps ISPs improve CX, lower support costs, and reduce truck rolls

Our ISP partners


We’ve already helped over 100 ISPs automate the WiFi troubleshooting process. Here's what they have to say:

Testimonial image Sebastian Ivinsky at Wireless Network Manager @ VTX1

"We are thrilled to add RouteThis to our resource toolbox. Now, we no longer need mile long lists of step by step instructions that most users would likely refuse to follow. RouteThis will give our support personnel the ability to run through all the required troubleshooting tests - and diagnose customer’s Wi-Fi issues - in record time."

Sebastian Ivinsky

Wireless Network Manager @ VTX1

Testimonial image Michael Knipp  at Head of NOC @ Spiral Communications

"RouteThis allows us to gain much more insight into the customer's internal network allowing us to visit a site with much more information going into a service call. In many cases, a problem can be identified remotely saving the need for a truck roll."

Michael Knipp

Head of NOC @ Spiral Communications

Testimonial image Steve O’Donnell at Assurance Manager (Telco)@ Trustpower

It's been great to see customers empower themselves with the [RouteThis] platform to resolve issues without calling in; it's been and continues to be a fantastic tool that our customers can use and in many instances alleviates the need for any onsite visits!

Steve O’Donnell

Assurance Manager (Telco)@ Trustpower


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