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Deliver a world-class support experience while reducing call times, increasing FCR and eliminating unnecessary technician visits - without deploying expensive hardware or pushing firmware to equipment in the field.

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Improve the Customer Experience

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, ISPs need to do everything they can to provide the best customer experience possible. But the long call times and low resolution rates associated with internet speed, buffering calls and other connectivity-related issues make that next to impossible.

The RouteThis platform can help you simplify and standardize the troubleshooting process for those connectivity tickets across your support agents. So, you can delight your customers with accurate support every time.

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Lower Call Handle Time

Troubleshooting and diagnosing the root cause of WiFi/connectivity problems involves a lot of back and forth with customers, which isn’t easy or quick.

With RouteThis, your support teams can skip the questions and guesses and get to the root cause of the customer’ home networking issue faster than ever before.

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Increase First Contact Resolution

Too often, support agents are unable to resolve home networking related issues on the first call. These calls usually require escalations to tier 2 support, at least one follow up call and/or a visit from a technician before the ticket can be closed.

Using RouteThis, agents can pinpoint the issue at the beginning of each call, and spend their call time ensuring that the issue has been resolved.


Reduce Unnecessary Technician Visits

When it comes to buffering and internet speed issues, there can be so many possible causes that pinpointing the right one isn’t always easy to do over the phone (or via email/chat). Whether it’s truly necessary or not, a technician visit is often the only answer in those cases.

But what if it didn’t have to be?

The RouteThis platform will give your support team access to diagnostics on the customer’s home network that allow them to easily troubleshoot and solve those networking issues - without sending out a technician to their home.

Don’t underestimate how much costs can add up

Everything from long call handle times to unnecessary technician visits and even poor experiences with customer support come with huge costs attached. Don’t be one of the many ISPs who either grossly underestimates the financial impact of a poor support process for networking related calls or just writes it off as the cost of doing business.

Relying on a sub-par support process for dealing with networking related issues can be costing you more than you think.

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Get diagnostics on any networking equipment

Customers who use their own networking equipment can cause huge blind spots for your technical support reps. Lack of insight into these devices means support is forced to rely entirely on information from the customer, that’s either wildly inaccurate or incomplete. Unfortunately, these calls are not only long and expensive but often highly ineffective.

RouteThis can give your support team more diagnostics than even the best router reporting tools - no matter what networking hardware or devices your customers are running.

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