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The Problem

How often do customers call into your support centre complaining about issues with slow internet, or buffering video? More often than not, it isn’t your infrastructure but rather the customer’s WiFi network that is to blame. However, if these issues aren’t properly resolved and debugged by your support agents, customers blame your service, bashing you to friends and family and sometimes even cancelling their service.

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, ISPs need to do everything they can to deliver a world-class support experience. That’s where RouteThis comes in.

No matter what networking equipment the customer has in their home, or how they’ve configured their network we’ll give your support team the tools to quickly and easily troubleshoot, diagnose, and solve customers’ WiFi/connectivity issues quickly every time


Reduce Unnecessary Truck Rolls/Callouts

Let’s face it, truck rolls (a.k.a. callouts) are expensive. Unfortunately, when it comes to buffering and internet speed issues, there can be so many possible causes that pinpointing the right one isn’t always easy to do over the phone. Whether it’s truly necessary or not, a truck roll is often the only answer in those cases.

But what if it didn’t have to be?

The RouteThis platform will give your support team access to diagnostics on the customer’s home network that allow them to easily troubleshoot and solve those WiFi issues - without sending out a technician to their home. Meaning fewer unnecessary truck rolls and more savings for your business.

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Happier Customers = Less Churn

Customers want your support team to solve all their issues ASAP - regardless of whether the problem is with your infrastructure or their WiFi. And if you can’t deliver, they’re quick to cancel and take their business elsewhere.

RouteThis will give your customer support team better diagnostics on the home network, making support calls for WiFi and internet issues faster, smoother and more effective. Meaning customers will be more satisfied and delighted to keep using your services instead of switching to a competitor.

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Diagnostics on any networking equipment

Customers who use their own networking equipment can cause huge blind spots for your technical support reps. Lack of insight into these devices means support is forced to rely entirely on information gained after going back and forth with the customer. Unfortunately, these calls are not only long and expensive but often highly ineffective.

RouteThis can give your support team more diagnostics than even the best router reporting tools - no matter what networking hardware or devices your customers are running.

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Less Training for Support

Your support agents need to be technically savvy enough to handle troubleshooting, diagnosing and fixing all the issues customers call in with on a daily basis. And if they aren’t, you have to spend a ton of time and resources training them to be. But what if that training wasn’t necessary?

RouteThis will give your tier 1 support the tools to handle WiFi/connectivity related tickets without excess technical training. Meaning less escalations to tier 2 and more reps who successfully resolve issues on the first call.

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Reduced Call Handle Times

When customers call into support with buffering or internet speed issues, it’s easy enough to determine if it’s actually an issue with your service. But what if the problem is in their home network?

Troubleshooting and diagnosing WiFi/connectivity problems involves a lot of back and forth with customers, which isn’t easy or quick. With RouteThis, your support team can skip the questions and guesses and could get to the root cause of the customer’ home networking issue faster than ever before.

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