Offer the managed WiFi experience to every subscriber - regardless of CPE

Want the benefits of full visibility into any home network without lengthy or expensive hardware deployments?

RouteThis can help.

in as little as 90 days

regardless of CPE

for under $10/sub


Benefits of Managed WiFi

Most internet performance issues customers encounter are caused by the home or WiFi network, not your infrastructure. Managed routers and mesh pods give ISPs the visibility they need to quickly resolve these issues, leading to: 


Better customer experience


Fewer technician visits


Shorter calls for WiFi issues


Reduced WiFi support costs

The Downside of CPE-based Solutions


ISPs must provide equipment to subscribers, as CPE-based solutions only work with specific routers or modems

$80-$140 PER SUB

Due to the cost of hardware deployments, CPE-based testing solutions can cost up to $140 per subscriber


Deploying hardware to your entire subscriber base is not only costly, but can often take anywhere from three to five years


CPE-based solutions provide little to no insight into home networks if customers bring their own devices or are still on legacy systems


Many internet performance issues are caused by physical problems like device placement or poor wiring that CPE-based solutions cannot identify


Most CPE-based solutions have little to no options for effective customer self-service, so call volumes remain high for even the simplest issues

The Solution: RouteThis


RouteThis gives agents and customers the same level of insight into any home network without placing new equipment in the home—which means you can offer the same managed WiFi experience to every customer while saving on support.

Support any network setup

CPE-agnostic solutions like RouteThis empower agents to easily resolve any in-home issue, even if customers are on BYOD plans or place unmanaged devices after your equipment.

Immediate coverage at less than half the price

As a software-based solution, RouteThis can easily be deployed to your entire subscriber base without hardware investments—giving you the benefits of managed WiFi in under 90 days at a fraction of the cost.

Facilitate visual support

With RouteThis, agents can use the cameras on customers' smartphones and tablets to inspect lights on equipment and identify issues like improper cabling or structural interference.

Customers can help themselves

RouteThis Self-Help empowers customers to identify and solve everything from interference and congestion to device-specific issues, without needing to call support.


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It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Step 1: Customer initiates a scan

  • Step 2: RouteThis analyzes the network

  • Step 3: Customer or agent resolves the issue

Step 1: Customer initiates a scan

The customer can trigger a RouteThis scan from within your own application or the standalone RouteThis app.

Step 1: Customer initiates a scan

Our ISP Partners


We’ve already helped over 100 ISPs realize the benefits of automating the troubleshooting process.

Here's what they have to say:

Testimonial image Sebastian Ivinsky at Wireless Network Manager @ VTX1

"We are thrilled to add RouteThis to our resource toolbox. Now, we no longer need mile long lists of step by step instructions that most users would likely refuse to follow. RouteThis will give our support personnel the ability to run through all the required troubleshooting tests - and diagnose customer’s Wi-Fi issues - in record time."

Sebastian Ivinsky

Wireless Network Manager @ VTX1

Testimonial image Michael Knipp  at Head of NOC @ Spiral Communications

"RouteThis allows us to gain much more insight into the customer's internal network allowing us to visit a site with much more information going into a service call. In many cases, a problem can be identified remotely saving the need for a truck roll."

Michael Knipp

Head of NOC @ Spiral Communications

Testimonial image Steve O’Donnell at Assurance Manager (Telco)@ Trustpower

It's been great to see customers empower themselves with the [RouteThis] platform to resolve issues without calling in; it's been and continues to be a fantastic tool that our customers can use and in many instances alleviates the need for any onsite visits!

Steve O’Donnell

Assurance Manager (Telco)@ Trustpower


Made possible thanks to our feature rich platform


RouteThis Discovery App

The Discovery App eliminates Q&A dialogue by automatically collecting diagnostics - transforming the support experience for customers


RouteThis Dashboard

The RouteThis Dashboard is built for customer support agents with actionable insights for faster and more effective customer care.


RouteThis Self-Help

RouteThis Self-Help empowers your customers to resolve connectivity issues on their own time - without contacting your support team

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