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The Problem

Marketing a smart home brand isn’t a walk in the park - especially when WiFi/connectivity problems are involved. Not only do they prevent your device from working properly but long, unhelpful support calls to deal with those issues often leave customers feeling even more frustrated. And frustrated customers are quick to leave poor online reviews then look to your competitors for a better solution. Meaning you have to work twice as hard to rebuild their trust in your brand.

But what if your customer support team had a process for dealing with WiFi/connectivity issues that turned angry customers into glowing brand advocates? You’d see happier customers, fewer negative reviews and less returns - without ever lifting a finger.


Improve customer satisfaction

Between technical questions about their home networks and extra long call times, is it any wonder that customers don’t have the best experience when they call into support with WiFi/connectivity problems?

You need a more streamlined process for dealing with those calls. One that’s faster, more effective and downright delightful for customers. RouteThis can help with that.

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See less negative reviews and returns

Nothing frustrates customers more than unboxing a new smart home product and being unable to connect it to their wireless networks. But if tech support can’t help them, why is it surprising when they leave negative reviews and/or return your product?

Your support agents need to be fully equipped to quickly and easily help your customers overcome those connectivity/WiFi issues. Once they are, you’ll see more customers who can successfully set up and use your product and less negative reviews and returns.

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Improve word of mouth for your connected products

Word of mouth can be a huge driver of growth for connected products. But what happens when your customers start saying negative things about your product because they can’t get it connected to their home networks and support isn’t able to help?

With RouteThis, you turn those frustrated customers into glowing advocates for your brand by giving support the tools they need to get your customers up and running.

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