Meet RouteThis Resolve

Built for faster, simpler, and more productive customer interactions, Resolve is an entirely new way to manage WiFi tech support calls.

A better path to resolution

From unfinished managed WiFi rollouts to fragmented diagnostic availability, WiFi support calls aren’t easy to manage—and that’s expensive and confusing for ISPs.

With Resolve, that’s about to change. Our platform simplifies the entire WiFi support process through complete home network visibility, real-time customer education, and effective resolutions—all without any CPE.

Eliminate manual troubleshooting

Resolve leverages your customers' smart devices as a probe to analyze the home network configuration and environment, to accurately identify the root cause of the WiFi problem without lengthy Q&A.

Offer home network support with RouteThis home network scans
Offer whole home network support with visual support

Standardize the support process

Resolve compares network scan results to millions of data points and generates detailed instructions that empower any agent to resolve with confidence and provide the same caliber of support regardless of experience or technical ability.


Ensure seamless troubleshooting

Resolve uses the customer’s phone as a second screen to share timely and contextual instructions as the agents progress through issue identification and resolution—educating customers and eliminating the potential for miscommunication.

Resolve prioritizes customer educations for WiFi issues
RouteThis Resolve - increase agent efficiency

Increase agent efficiency

Resolve consolidates multiple troubleshooting tools into a single dashboard, allowing agents to identify problems and deploy fixes without switching between tools or dispatching a technician unnecessarily.


Resolve with confidence

Once agents or customers make changes to the home network, Resolve automatically measures the impact on performance, building trust with customers and providing peace of mind to the agent that the challenge was resolved.

Home network support helps ISPs improve CX, lower support costs, and reduce truck rolls

With Resolve, everyone benefits

Agents resolve with confidence


Automated workflows


Accurate root-cause analysis


Proven troubleshooting steps

Customers see quick resolutions


Less time spent on the phone


No need to wait for tech visits


Verified resolutions

Businesses see increased revenue


Lower cost to serve


Reduced customer churn


More customer referrals

Ready to transform the WiFi support experience?

RouteThis Resolve features


Fix-it Flows

Ensure any agent can resolve with confidence using our proven resolution paths that leverage data from thousands of home network scans


Device Placement

Visualize dead spots with an interactive graph to optimize device placement and eliminate coverage problems


Live View

Give agents eyes in the customer’s home to identify physical issues and confirm proper execution of troubleshooting steps


Wireless Speedtest

Validate and document speed issues anywhere in the home to get an accurate understanding of the speed the customer is experiencing


Automated Fix Verification

Provide peace of mind to the agent and customer that the internet performance has improved and the challenge was resolved successfully


Live Results

Get home network information as it’s collected, allowing agents to eliminate dead air and begin troubleshooting immediately


In-app Instructions

Turn the customer’s mobile device into a second screen to share timely and contextual instructions during the support interaction


Customer Education

Empower subscribers with short, targeted messages that describe why an issue is happening and how to avoid it in the future


Progress Tracking

Keep customers informed during troubleshooting with powerful visuals that track the progress of the call and explain the agent’s actions


Automatic Network Scans

Analyze the home network to automatically identify the root cause of WiFi issues without relying on technical Q&A with customers


Agent Activated Tools

Save time and reduce customer frustration by giving agents the ability to activate tests and deploy fixes without action on the customer’s part


Router Check

Allow agents to log into and make the necessary configuration changes to any router—whether it’s a managed device or BYOD

Ready to transform your WiFi support journey?

Explore the rest of our feature-rich platform


RouteThis Discovery App

The Discovery App eliminates Q&A dialogue by automatically collecting diagnostics - transforming the support experience for customers


RouteThis Dashboard

The RouteThis Dashboard is built for customer support agents with actionable insights for faster and more effective customer care.


RouteThis Self-Help

RouteThis Self-Help empowers your customers to resolve connectivity issues on their own time - without contacting your support team

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