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RouteThis SCORE drives customer self-help capabilities and agent workflows that are optimized for each scenario, leading to the best possible results.


What is RouteThis SCORE?

SCORE stands for Symptom Collection and Optimal Resolution Engine

Over the years, we’ve run millions of home network scans to diagnose why customers are experiencing network and device-related problems. In doing so, we’ve gained unique visibility into which solutions solve which customer problems best.

By using machine learning algorithms to analyze this historical symptom and resolution database, SCORE determines the optimal resolution path for any set of symptoms associated with a particular customer issue.


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 SCORE Overview

SCORE optimizes the customer support troubleshooting process by:


Enabling powerful self-help utilities that allow customers to quickly solve common issues without even needing to contact your support team.


Powering agent workflows that standardize troubleshooting and optimize resolutions.


Leveraging customer and agent feedback to continuously learn and adapt, keeping pace with your troubleshooting processes.


SCORE Features

SCORE is comprised of 3 key components


Symptoms, Diagnostics, and Resolutions Database

Securely and anonymously stores historical sets of customer symptoms, scan diagnostics, and resolutions.


Machine Learning Analysis

Continuously analyzes the database to determine optimal resolution paths for sets of symptoms and diagnostics.


Resolution Path Optimizer

Powers customer self-help and agent-assisted workflows by taking in the symptoms and diagnostic scan data for a customer issue and outputting the optimal troubleshooting and resolution path, in accordance with the historical analysis.


1.4 million

Households using RouteThis



Agents using RouteThis to help customers


2.3 million

Network scans run across the world


What our partners are saying

Testimonial image Sebastian Ivinsky at Wireless Network Manager @ VTX1

"We are thrilled to add RouteThis to our resource toolbox. Now, we no longer need mile long lists of step by step instructions that most users would likely refuse to follow. RouteThis will give our support personnel the ability to run through all the required troubleshooting tests - and diagnose customer’s Wi-Fi issues - in record time."

Sebastian Ivinsky

Wireless Network Manager @ VTX1

Testimonial image Krista Wojciechowski-Yakemonis at Customer Experience Manager @ Rachio

"RouteThis has been an invaluable addition to our support team. We've lowered our AHT and RMA requests drastically since we've started using the platform. This is highly recommended for ANY tech company with users that need to onboard devices to WiFi."

Krista Wojciechowski-Yakemonis

Customer Experience Manager @ Rachio

Testimonial image Michael Knipp  at Head of NOC @ Spiral Communications

"RouteThis allows us to gain much more insight into the customer's internal network allowing us to visit a site with much more information going into a service call. In many cases, a problem can be identified remotely saving the need for a truck roll."

Michael Knipp

Head of NOC @ Spiral Communications


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