Smart home brands need smarter support solutions.

Today’s connected households feature multiple smart home products, leading to increased WiFi usage and connectivity issues. The RouteThis platform provides complete visibility into the home network with custom-built diagnostics for smart home brands.


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Lower Handle Times

Reduce handle times by 20-60% while increasing FCR


Fewer Product Returns

Save more than 30% on return costs by resolving connectivity issues


Deflect More Calls

Empower customers to diagnose connectivity issues through self-help capabilities


Delighted Customers

Increase NPS, CSAT, and create long-lasting customer relationships


What issues are smart home support teams facing?

The growing number of connected devices in homes today poses a great opportunity for smart home brands, but also comes with new connectivity-related challenges for their support teams.


No visibility into customers' home networks means support agents are unable to resolve network connectivity issues without relying on information from the customer


Non-technical customers often relay inaccurate or incomplete information to agents, delaying resolutions even further


Product returns are increasing as more and more customers can't set up their devices properly or experience ongoing connectivity issues


Enabling Customer Care within Connected Homes

RouteThis is an innovative support solution that increases customer satisfaction and decreases costs through unique home network diagnostics and resolution capabilities.


Put customer support in autopilot

Hardware-Independent Deployment

A single support solution for your entire connected product portfolio, creating a consistently positive agent and customer experience.

Isolate Network-Related Issues

Gain deeper insights into the customer’s home network including number of connected devices, connection quality, and more.

Comprehensive Agent Dashboard

Empower your agents with intelligent diagnostics, priority alerts, and guided resolution paths.

No Lengthy Q&A Dialogue

Replace frustrating and error-prone Q&A dialogue with a simple mobile scan.


RouteThis automates support workflows with AI.

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See real business impacts

Fewer Product Returns

Reduce unnecessary product returns by diagnosing common WiFi problems with a simple mobile scan.

Increased FCR

Improve first-contact resolution (FCR) rates with automated workflows and optimized resolution paths.

Higher CSAT

Increase CSAT by eliminating frustrating Q&A, reducing call times and solving issues faster.

Reduced Costs

Save on support costs and product returns with a streamlined support process


Learn how to reduce product returns.

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Why RouteThis?

Because nothing improves your customer care performance as much, as quickly, or as conveniently. Our solution delivers:


Unique in-home visibility that provides your agents with a deep, consistent view into each home network’s configuration, environment, and potential problems


Complete, rapid coverage that gets you up-and-running across your entire subscriber base in as few as four weeks


Hardware-independent ‘deployment’ that turns your customer’s mobile device into the world’s most powerful home network diagnostics tool, with zero dependence upon CPE models or firmware

Our Smart Home Partners


1.4 million

Households using RouteThis



Agents using RouteThis to help customers


2.3 million

Network scans run across the world


What our partners are saying

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