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Lower call handle times, increase resolution rates and minimize overall support costs - all while keeping customers happy.

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Lower Call Handle Times

On average, 50-70% of Wi-Fi/connectivity related calls are just the agent trying to get info about the customer’s network. Is the customer on a 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz network? How far are they from the router? What kind of router do they have?

With RouteThis, you’ll never need to ask a customer for technical details on their network again, making troubleshooting connectivity problems fast and painless.

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Increase Resolution Rates

Some connectivity related tickets are relatively simple and can be resolved with one or two (often very long) phone calls. The problem is, most users get frustrated and end the call before support is able to find a solution.

But what if, in the first few minutes of a call, your support agents had all the info they needed to quickly and accurately diagnose and solve connectivity related tickets? There’d be no more escalations to tier 2, call backs or unresolved connectivity tickets.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is made up of just two aspects: Can you resolve a customer’s issue over the phone (or via chat/email) and can you resolve the issue quickly?

But between technical questions about their home networks and extra-long call times, your customers often have poor experiences when they call into support about WiFi/connectivity problems.

You need a more streamlined process for dealing with those calls. One that’s faster, more effective and downright delightful for customers. RouteThis can help with that.

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Reduce Returns & Negative Reviews

Nothing frustrates customers more than unboxing a new smart home product and being unable to connect it to their wireless networks. But if tech support can’t help them, is it any wonder customers leave negative reviews and/or return your product?

Your support agents need to be fully equipped to quickly and easily help your customers overcome those connectivity/WiFi issues. Once they are, you’ll see more customers who can successfully set up and use your product and less negative reviews and returns.

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Spend Less, Save More

When thinking of connectivity related support calls, it’s easy to overlook or underestimate their true cost. Some things, like poor customer satisfaction, are hard to measure. Others, like unnecessarily long support calls and connectivity related returns are quantifiable but aren’t always tracked.

The reality is, a more streamlined support process will save you tens of thousands in support costs and returns - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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