Problem size calculator: Smart Home

Debugging WiFi/connectivity related problems requires a lot of technical knowledge that most customers just don’t have, leading to ludicrously long support calls and tons of unnecessary connectivity-related returns.

Calculate the true cost of WiFi/connectivity-related support calls on your business.

# of connectivity-related tickets last year

Support agent hourly wage ($USD)

Average length of interaction (mins)

# of connectivity-related returns last year

Average price of a device ($USD)


Wasted agent hours


Unnecessary returns


revenue impact of Wifi/connectivity issues

With RouteThis, your support agents will have all the diagnostics they need for fast resolutions, every time - freeing up support agent hours, reducing returns and lowering average support spend in the process.

In addition to lower call times and less returns, Smart Home companies who implement RouteThis realise even more savings through:

  • Fewer negative reviews
  • Higher attach rates
  • Improved future products and more.
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