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The Problem

Support leadership is constantly facing pressure from upper management to keep call times and escalations low, resolution rates high, and minimize overall support costs - all while keeping customers happy.

Unfortunately, when dealing with WiFi/connectivity related tickets, it is almost impossible for all of those goals to be met. Support agents spend all their time troubleshooting these hard-to-diagnose connectivity issues, rather than solving them - often leading to long call times, low resolutions and unhappy customers.

What your support agents need is a new and improved process for diagnosing those connectivity issues, that is simple, effective and leaves customers satisfied every time. RouteThis empowers your agents do all that and more, while helping managers meet their key metrics.


Simplify Troubleshooting

Did you know that up to 70% of the time support agents spend on Wi-Fi/connectivity related support calls are just the agent trying to learn details and facts about the customer’s network? Is the customer on a 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz network? How far are they from the router? What kind of router do they have? With RouteThis you’ll never need to ask the customer for details on their network again, making troubleshooting connectivity problems a breeze.

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Resolve Issues for Non-Technical Customers... Fast

Let’s face it - not all customers who call in with WiFi/connectivity issues are as technical as we’d like them to be. Sometimes it can be downright impossible to get any useful details about their home network out of them. But what if you could help the customer solve their problems and get our device up and running, without alienating them with technical questions about their network? RouteThis can do that and more.

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Lower Call Handle Times

Connectivity-related call times can be up to 200% longer than other support calls since much of the call is spent going back and forth with customers until support finds a solution. But what if instead of asking every customer for details on their network, every support call started with the agent already knowing exactly what the issue is and how to fix it? With RouteThis, there’d be no need for guessing games or ludicrously long call times.

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Increase First Call Resolution Rates

Some connectivity related tickets are fairly easy to troubleshoot and resolve. Others require hours of troubleshooting, escalations to tier 2 support and/or subsequent interactions with the customer before the ticket can be closed. But what if connectivity tickets no longer required escalation and could be solved right off the first interaction? RouteThis can give you all the insight and tools you need to make it happen.

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Help customers help themselves

Chromecast, Sonos, and Nest all have routers they know they are incompatible with, do you know yours? These companies deeply understand their connectivity issues and produce materials like these to allow customers to self help. RouteThis can get you the data you need to build your own incompatible router list and offer great self help material to your customers.

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